Kingsland Farming
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46-60 Dangerous to 61-75 Very Dangerous

Please report all fires to the Letaba Fire Protection Association Fire Line: 0768441646 


Fires & our Area

A wildfire is any Farmer, Forester or Land Owners worst nightmare. Especially throughout the dry and windy season that is from 1 August to 31 October which is also the NO-FIRE season.
Please report all wildfires to LETABA FIRE PROTECTION ASSOCIATION and provide them with as much as possible details. Fire line: 076 844 1646 or visit their website or Facebook page
What to do when a fire is spotted?
  • Always make sure about your safety.
  • Report the fire with as much as possible information to your local FPA.
  • Keep your escape route clear and also establish what is the best access route to the fire.
  • Keep a eye out for special concerns and hazards.
  • Never park your vehicle in such a way that it  will obstruct traffic. Keep the way clear.
  • Maintain proper communication with recourse's and the IC (Incident Commander)

Every farm with a potential fire danger should have the following:

  • A water cart or Bakkie Sakkie (Skid Unit) in a working condition.
  • Fire Beaters
  • Rake Hoe's
  • Drip Torch - If you know how to use it!
  • Make sure that your staff is properly trained on how to fight a fire and how to use the equipment.

Fire Breaks:
It is your responsibility to make sure that your fire breaks are up to standard. If your fire breaks are not up to standards you might be held responsible for damages caused by the fire that have started on your property or suffer a severe loss because of a fire that entered on to your premises because of poor or no fire breaks

Fire Danger Rating System is the system that is used to provide a measure of the relative seriousness of burning conditions and threat of fire by providing an accurate measure as possible of the relative seriousness of burning conditions. The system also serves as an aid to fire control programs. It process and evaluates factors influencing fire danger systematically and represent them in the form of fire indices. 
The factors taken into consideration when calculating the FDI or FDR is the temperature, wind speed and humidity.